Baltimore Green Party Statement on Election Integrity

The Baltimore Green Party believes every vote should be counted. Accuracy of the final tally, however, is only one of many deficiencies in US elections. The Green Party is required to gather tens of thousands of signatures every four years in order to stay on the ballot, while the two corporate-funded parties automatically qualify. Greens are not allowed to vote in non-partisan judicial primaries in Maryland, which are restricted to registered Democrats and Republicans.  Greens have to pay for their own primary, unlike the two corporate-funded parties whose primaries are paid for by taxpayers. Green Party candidates are often excluded from forums and debates and the media gives disproportionate free coverage to the two corporate-funded parties.   Voters do not get to hear Green Party views because of these obstacles and often do not know alternatives exist and have candidates on the ballot. We are also mindful that under Governor Martin O’Malley in Maryland, both Democrats and Republicans disenfranchised hundreds of thousands of our neighbors through zero tolerance policing, the failed war on drugs, and mass incarceration. The Baltimore Green Party is energized by the inspiring activism that lead to their re-enfranchisement this year. And the BGP is honored to have won the votes of returning citizens, immigrants, union members, public housing residents, elders, young people, and many more who have been taken for granted by the Democratic machine in Baltimore. Regardless of what happens with the recounts in Pennsylvania and the Midwest, we will continue building in all Baltimore neighborhoods and communities resisting the oppressive policies favored by both Clinton and Trump. We stand united with the Baltimore organizations and organizers who are redoubling their commitments to social justice regardless of which of the corporate-funded candidates becomes president. If you are doing the work, know that you have an ally in the Baltimore Green Party.

CASA in Action Endorses Ian Schlakman (G) for Baltimore City Council

The Maryland Green Party (MGP) and Baltimore Green Party (BGP) are proud to announce CASA in Action’s endorsement of Ian Schlakman for Baltimore City Council District 12. CASA in Action is a 501(c)4 organization that engages in educational, legislative, and political activities in support of immigrants. This endorsement demonstrates the viability not only of the Schlakman campaign, but the growing viability of the Green Party as an alternative to the Democratic and Republican policies of mass deportation, mass incarceration, border walls, and destabilization of Latin American countries. It is the first time CASA in Action has endorsed a Green Party Candidate.            According to CASA in Action leadership, Schlakman earned this endorsement “in the trenches of the Fight for 15 movement” and because of the role of immigrants and advocates in writing his progressive platform. Nationally, the Green Party calls for an end to the border militarization initiated by President Bill Clinton, continued by Pres. George W. Bush, and accelerated by Pres. Barack Obama, who has deported over 200,000 immigrants, more than any other president in United States history. The Maryland Green Party is in the vanguard of the call for a new way forward, as presented in a White Paper on Latin American Foreign Policy recently published by the Council on Hemispheric Relations. (The Slate includes Dr. Margaret Flowers for Senate, and Nnabu Eze (MD-3), Kamesha Clark (MD-4), Nancy Wallace (MD-5), George Gluck (MD-6), and Myles Hoenig (MD-7) for House of Representatives.) The White Paper identifies U.S. militarism and intervention as root causes of forced migration. The MGP is pushing for an end to the U.S. foreign and trade policies that force people from their homes and the immigration and policing policies that criminalize them when they arrive. Immigrants are welcome here!  

Join Ajamu Baraka and Jill Stein for an Exciting week in Baltimore

Today starts and exciting week for the Baltimore Green Party, leading up to the Green Party and Rally Friday night. Today, Green Party Vice Presidential Candidate Ajamu Baraka will be on the Marc Steiner Show on WEAA from 10:00-1045 AM. You can listen live at 88.9 or online at Later in the Day Ajamu Baraka will join Green Party Candidates Joshua Harris(Baltimore Mayor), Dr. Margaret Flowers (United States Senate) and Ian Schlakman(Baltimore City Council 12th District)a for Speak-out and Sleep out focused on issues of Homeless ,housing and poverty. (Download the Flyer Here) Tomorrow, evening at Morgan State University Baraka will Join Dr. Jared Ball for a conversation with students about youth, politics, race and political power. Friday of this week Baraka, will join Jill Stein and a full slate of speakers, activists and artists for "The Green Party!" a rally and party at the Downtown Cultural Arts Center at 6:30 PM.(RSVP today so we can have a good count)  

Reflections on the Past Two Weeks

The past two weeks have exposed a lot of things for this country. The Republican Party has espoused its hateful rhetoric to cheers. The Republican Party has used fearmongering and hateful rhetoric - nothing new - to once again prop up candidacies that threaten democracy and freedom. However, the Democratic Party, as a party of short-term memory and half-truths, can’t meet the needs of the people, nor defend them. In this message, I want to help define what’s real and what’s true; a piece of the conversation that Baltimore, if not most of us, have been missing for a long time.  In a place of lies, we must be the truthful. The Democratic Party is not a party for the working class or the marginalized. The Democratic Party is not a party of nonviolence. When Bill Clinton cut welfare programs via the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act, many Americans suffered, while another class of Americans were elevated. When former Baltimore mayor and Maryland governor Martin O’Malley incarcerated a large population of Baltimoreans, he destroyed communities of people who really just want to live and exist like the rest of us. While Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings Blake gavels in the DNC she is fast tracking a 535 million dollar TIF that will exacerbate the inequity that is destroying our city, again elevating one class of citizens over another.  These leaders are not Republicans; however, the same state-administered injustices foster under them. This is their standard. Injustice is bipartisan.  The Democratic Party is not a party of social justice. Protest is admonished and civil disobedience is met with a Democrat-led militarized police system. You do have a few outliers - a few of them personal inspirations to me, like Nina Turner and Mary L Washington, the latter a state delegate in Maryland. But these leaders stand on the fringe making the best of they can in a counter-progressive party. Their ideas and vision may better fit the Green Party.  It is clear now that we need a more radical worldview; we need a broader, greater political imagination. We need to remember what it means to love progress, to the love planet, and to love people. When Maryland Green Party Senatorial Candidate Margaret Flowers protests alongside my friends in solidarity for #AFROMATION, it shows that we are not alone. When our mayoral candidate speaks power to justice, truth, and green jobs, he’s saying that our communities have value beyond a market or revenue stream. This is what real hope looks like - solidarity. This is what real change looks like.  So, what does that mean for us? When the Green Party hosts its convention next week, it will be humble. It will be small. We admit this. We have internal work to do. We have well-deserved criticisms. The left does have to do better with the race conversation. The left does have to learn how to engage. We know this. Here in Baltimore, we have a budding movement where the people are sick of the status quo. We have a full slate of candidates, from Senate, to Mayor, to City Council. We are building this movement with everyday people like you. Greens are standing up for justice and are standing up for the people - at all intersections! Where some people have dropped the ball, it's important we carry the movement forward - with our voices, with our hands, with our dollars - wherever and however we can.   I, a 21 year old Black boy from South Carolina, am so inspired by the people I’ve been able to interact with. I am inspired by the actions. I am inspired by the possibility of what could be.  If you’re new here, welcome. If you’ve been with us, thank you. I’m excited for what we build. I’m excited for this opportunity to grow with you.   With radiant love, Jeremy Collins Co-Chair of the Baltimore Green Party

The BGP Take The Streets

The Baltimore Greens took the streets the past few weeks appearing at several events across the city. Andy Ellis and Vince Tola, Co-Chair and Treasurer, respectively, along with some volunteers helped pass out literature. Andreas “Spilly” Spiliadis, candidate for the 3rd District, attended a baseball game out near Morgan State University on Argonne. Spilly was also at Artscape. Spilly's campaign using seeds rather than signs has been catching attention across the city.  Twelfth District City Council Candidate Ian Schlakman has been doorknocking in his district and fighting for big issues like the $15 minimum wage. Very recently, he’s supported local bar Liam Flynn’s Ale House on North Avenue after controversial leasing arrangement evicted the owners. Schlakman has also helped citizens of the Pleasant View Gardens Public Housing Project through its privatization.  Joshua Harris, candidate for Mayor, made several appearances across the city from Artscape in Mount Royal to the 7th Annual Baltimore Road Race in Park Heights. Harris has also made several media appearances the past couple of weeks, speaking to HBCU Digest's Jarrett Carter about Baltimore, divestment, and a better future.     "We are running a true grassroots campaign going from door-to-door, walking on the soles of my shoes and reaching voters directly." Harris says.  US Senatorial Candidate Margaret Flowers has been throughout the city and the state. On July 7, she and several others protested at Elijah Cumming's office against the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Just a day later, she, Myles Hoenig, and Jeremy Collins, spoke at the rally downtown to protest the murder of Philando Castille and Alton Sterling. She was also with Joshua Harris at the Road Race in park Heights and protested in the #AFROMATION action last Saturday on I-83, where organizers and activists rallied for justice and accountability in Baltimore City policing.  Leadership of the Baltimore Greens are connecting with people all over the city representing what justice, democracy, and the power of the people looks like. We encourage Greens and non-Greens alike to participate in transformative democracy. Show your support by volunteering/donating with the party and/or individual campaigns.       

You Can Help Make Baltimore Green

For a recurring donation of $15 Per month to the Baltimore Green Party, you can sustain our best opportunity yet to convince Baltimore City to#VoteGreen in 2016. The Baltimore Green Party is preparing for a “Green Summer.”We believe that if we tell Baltimore about the choice to #VoteGreen they will. We are organizing for festivals and farmer's markets, we are producing new literature and materials, and from our office we are hosting a  broad coalition of community members and grassroots organizations to formulate a future looking solution based 21st century urban agenda We don’t take corporate or PAC money like our Democrat and Republican opponents, but we do need money to compete with them. Your sustaining monthly donation of $15 today will help us in our goal to reach 100,000 voters this summer. Green values, Green  solutions and Green candidates can transform this city. We have a great opportunity, but we we can’t do it without you.   Andy Ellis Co-Chair Baltimore Green Party

Green Party Issues Statement on Decertification of Baltimore City Primary

The Baltimore Green Party appreciates the State Board of Elections looking into the process by which the Democrats and the Republicans ran their primaries. We trust that a review of this process will make it more likely that Green Party candidates will be dealt with fairly when they appear on the general election ballot in November. The votes of all the citizens of Baltimore, whether or not they choose to affiliate with a major party, should be counted when the outcome ultimately determines who will govern this City and not merely who has the right to represent the Republicans and the Democrats on the November ballot.  On that ballot Joshua Harris will be contesting the Mayor's race, Connor Meek will be contesting the race for President of City Council. Green Party candidates will also be on the ballot for City Council Districts 3,6, 9, 10 and 12. The Baltimore Green Party choose its nominees for the November general election in a party run primary on May 1st and no controversy ensued. 


No matter the outcome of the current electoral stalemate between State Senator Catherine Pugh and former Baltimore City Mayor Sheila Dixon, the Baltimore City Democratic Central Committee will be the winner.Maryland Election Law provides an explicit bias against parties other than Republican or Democrat. Maryland Election Law invests electoral power in a Board of Elections populated exclusively by two parties. According to Section 2-201, that law establishes a Baltimore City Board of Elections comprising “Three regular members shall be of the majority party, and two regular members shall be of the principal minority party.”It further indicates that the Governor shall appoint members to the Baltimore City Board of Elections based on a list provided by each of the Baltimore City Democratic Central Committee and Republican Central Committee. There is no provision allowing for voters identifying with minor parties or who chose to be unaffiliated.Because of the registration dynamics currently existing in the City, this puts power in the hands of the Democratic Party establishment. Voters who are unaffiliated, or who chose to register with minor parties based on their conscience, are left to wonder who will represent their interests in November.“This situation with the Democratic Primary doesn’t inspire confidence for how our candidates will be treated in November,” said Andy Ellis, Director of the Baltimore Green Party. “With all this power invested in a major party that can’t even manage the conduct of its own primary, what should we expect going forward?”The Green Party of Baltimore conducted its primary election via mail-in ballot and with in-person balloting on May 1, 2016. In that canvass, Joshua Harris won the Green Party nomination for Baltimore City Mayor with 85% of the votes cast. No controversy ensued.

Recap of Baltimore Green Party Mayoral Debate

This year the Baltimore Green Party has a contested primary for Mayor. Three candidates- Joshua Harris, David Marriott, and Emanuel McCray- are competing for the nomination. As we approach our May 1st primary, all three candidates agreed to participate in a debate.  The debate  was moderated by Roberto Alejandro, of OnBckgrnd.Com You can listen to the entire debate including audience and moderator questions here.  If you are a registered Baltimore Green remember to vote by May 1st. If you have not already received a ballot you can request one by contacting [email protected]  

Baltimore Green Party to Host Mayoral Debate

The Baltimore Green Party will host a debate between the three candidates seeking the Green nomination for Mayor on Tuesday April 19th, at 7:00 PM. The debate will occur at James McHenry Recreation Center  located at  911 Hollins St, Baltimore, MD 21223. The event is open to the public but seating is limited and first priority goes to registered Green Party members. Please RSVP here All three candidates(Joshua Harris, David Marriott, Emanuel McCray) have agreed to participate. The  debate will be moderated by Roberto Alejandro. Roberto Alejandro is a former fast food worker, transit bus driver, assistant book preservationist, hospital interpreter, and handyman. He has also done some reporting in Baltimore City, and currently writes for Registered Green voters will have the chance to vote in the  Maryland Green Party Primary, May 1st. Baltimore City residents can vote in person at the Baltimore Green Party headquarters at 100 E. 23rd St. This contested Mayoral Primary race and this debate are  a historic first for the Baltimore Green Party since their inception in 2000. In addition to Mayor, registered Green voters can vote for  US Senate, US House, President of the City Council and five City Council candidates. Green Party presidential primary ballots will also be available May 1st. Andy Ellis Co-Chair of the Baltimore Green Party said “ Green candidates up and down the ballot have received unprecedented attention this election season. This is a chance, before our primary, for our candidates to debate one another in front of an audience of Green voters.” Ellis continued “ This is a transformative election for Baltimore and we know the people of this city want good choices in the November general election. This debate is a key part of Green voters choosing a Mayoral candidate who can contest the General election for the first time in decades.” The format for the debate will be: Introduction:  Debate 1st question: Opening Statement  Moderator Questions: 90 seconds for questions posed to them directly, 45 seconds for follow up, 45 seconds if their name is used.                                    Some questions will be directed at all 3 candidates, some questions will be directed at 1 candidate Audience Questions: Can be directed at one candidate or the whole panel.Same rules apply. Closing Statement : 90 seconds