Baltimore City Green Party Endorses Transit Equity Bills

The Baltimore City Green Party calls for the Maryland General Assembly to support equity in planning and construction of transit state-wide, and has endorsed the passage of the Transit Equity Act. The Act has been introduced as House Bill 9 and Senate Bill 19 in the 2023 General Assembly session. Continue reading

Baltimore City Green Party Endorses Ashley Esposito for School Board, Contributes to Esposito and Brown Campaigns

October 24, 2022 The Baltimore City Green Party (BGP) has officially endorsed Ashley Esposito for Baltimore City School Board.  Esposito, a member of the BGP Steering Committee currently on leave, is one of four candidates seeking a seat on the School Board in the non-partisan General Election this November. Esposito was the leading candidate in the July primary election.   Continue reading

Baltimore transit Equity Coalition Seeking Canvassers

The Baltimore Transit Equity Coalition (BTEC) - a Baltimore Green Party coalition partner since 2018 - is gathering petition signatures from city voters in support of creating a Regional Transportation Authority and building the Red Line, and currently have almost 11,500 petitions! This is great news.    While 10,000 signatures are required, the Board of Elections has stringent requirements on petitions (and they actually check them all!), so they need as wide a margin as possible to account for any signatures that might get disqualified.    (BTEC) is looking for canvassers during the last push of the petition campaign, in order to reach 13K signatures by August 1!   If you are interested in canvassing - even for a short time - email [email protected] Compensation is available!

Maryland Green Party 2022 Assembly and Bylaws voting

Register for the assembly  Sunday June 12th is the Maryland Green Party Annual Assembly, The Assembly will take place via zoom from 1:00 PM- 5:00 PM. Register here   Bylaws Baltimore City Green Party Steering Committee Member Andy Ellis served as the BGP representative to the Maryland Green Party Bylaws Review and Rules committee this year. Below is his report of the process and the recommendations of the committee.    The voting on bylaws is open to all registered Greens in Maryland. voting ends at Noon on June12th.  Read the details of the amendments and the rationale of the committee. Request your ballot Continue reading

Help Make Baltimore Transit More Equitable!

Baltimore Greens, have you heard about the Baltimore Transit Equity Coalition (BTEC)? They are currently hard at work on an initiative to give communities like ours more say in choosing the transportation projects that work for us and our neighbors! As many of you know, Baltimore’s public transit systems are in poor shape because the state refuses to abandon its segregationist policies in public transportation and to allocate the funding the region needs to implement change. What’s more, these state-run systems focus their service on white and wealthy neighborhoods, while low-income persons of color (POC) neighborhoods are left cut off from the rest of the city. This unequal service means people in these neighborhoods have to wait longer for buses and have double the commute times as residents of other neighborhoods in the city.   Continue reading

Baltimore City Green Party Calls for Reform of Maryland State Ethics Commission

On the 2-year anniversary of an ethics complaint against Governor Larry Hogan, the Baltimore City Green Party is calling on the Maryland State Ethics Commission and Maryland General Assembly to reform how ethics complaints are processed. Originally filed on February 20, 2020, by Kevin Zeese, Esq. (deceased), the ethics complaint was against Gov. Hogan regarding his unethical use of Maryland transportation policy to funnel money to projects adjacent to his real estate holdings while in office.  Continue reading

Baltimore City Green Party 2021 Accomplishments and Reflections

The Baltimore City Green Party (BGP) recognizes the grimness of 2021, but also its vibrant solidarity. As we look forward to the work that lies ahead in 2022, we reflect on our Local Party’s many successes last year as well as those of our members. Continue reading

Baltimore Green Party 2021 Year in Review

Even as COVID-19 (and its variants) continued to cast a dark shadow, a number of Baltimore City Green Party (BGP) members remained dedicated to improving the Baltimore community over the past year. From running in local elections to writing editorials, BGP had a lot to be proud of in 2021. To honor these efforts, we've compiled a list highlighting some of these accomplishments.     Continue reading

Maryland Green Party Bylaws- Voting Closes Saturday

The Maryland Green Party is considering  two bylaw amendments and all registered Green voters in the state can vote.Voting closes at noon on Saturday December 11th, so get your ballot request in now. You can read about the bylaw amendments here   and you can request your ballot here Continue reading

BGP Book Club Coming in January of 2022

The Baltimore City Green Party (BGP) will be starting a book club in 2022 focused on understanding the way apartheid institutions have been built in Baltimore and beyond, and how to begin to implement racial justice solutions that repair that damage. Continue reading