About the Baltimore City Green Party

The Baltimore City Green Party is committed to economic, environmental, and racial justice for Baltimore and beyond. Our goal is to challenge the one-party rule in Baltimore City by giving voters a legitimate choice that represents the values and aspirations of the people and communities of the city.

We follow the 10 Key Values of the Green Party of the United States and we use them to guide our work in Baltimore City. We are committed to grassroots democracy as a goal and organizing principle, and believe that the power to change the city comes from the people.

The Baltimore Green Party was formed in 2000. The party has since run candidates in every city election, frequently winning more votes than the city's Republican Party. The Green Party is one of four parties qualified to nominate candidates for public office in Baltimore.

The Green Party accepts financial support only from individuals and refuses any contributions from political action committees (PAC), labor unions, or corporations.

For more insight, be sure to read the Baltimore City Green Party Bylaws.

Steering Committee 2022-2023

Andy Ellis

Brian Bittner

Craig Collins-Young

Dana Polson

Baltimore City Delegates to the Maryland Green Party State Coordinating Council

Bill Barry

Renaud Brown

Steering Committee 2020-2021

Owen S. Andrews, Co-Chair

Vacant, Co-Chair

Andy Ellis, Secretary

Vince Tola, Treasurer

Ashley Esposito, Membership Coordinator

Baltimore City Delegates to the Maryland Green Party State Coordinating Council

Andrew Eneim

Jeremy Collins

Vince Tola

Former: Christina Meninger, Kevin Zeese

Steering Committee 2018-2019

Owen S. Andrews, Co-Chair

Prof. Kim Jensen, Co-Chair

Andy Ellis, Secretary

Connor Meek, Treasurer

Marie Murphey, Membership Coordinator

Sammy Alqasem, Youth Organizer

Meagan Buster, Organizer

Hunt Hobbs, Organizer

Bonnie Lane, Organizer