Baltimore Greens Sign Statements in Support of Gaza Ceasefire

The Baltimore City Green Party has signed two statements in support of a ceasefire in Gaza. On November 20, the BGP agreed to sign on to a public letter to members of Baltimore's Congressional delegation. The letter was addressed to Senators Cardin and Van Hollen and Representatives Sarbanes and Ruppersberger. The letter stated:  Continue reading

Baltimore City Green Party Calls for Candidates Who Support the Green Vision for Peace

The Baltimore City Green Party has published its nomination process for local candidates in 2024 elections, including Mayor and City Council. In addition, the Maryland Green Party has published its nomination process for federal candidates in 2024 elections, including the U.S. Senate and all Maryland U.S. House races, which includes the 7th and 2nd Districts within Baltimore City. Anyone interested in seeking the nomination of the Green Party for local or federal offices should contact the Baltimore City Green Party as soon as possible. The party is prepared to provide support and assistance to party members interested in running for public office. Continue reading

BGP SC Makes Endorsements for 2023 MGP Bylaws Amendments

The Maryland Green Party Annual Assembly will be held June 25th. Prior to that there is a three week voting period for officers and bylaw amendments. Anyone whose voter affiliation is “Others-Green” is eligible to vote in the election. You can register for the online assembly by using this link.Ballots must be requested by submitting our Ballot Request form, available on our website. When making your request, please provide your full name, your ZIP code, and your date of birth. The state party needs this information to confirm your party affiliation with the Maryland State Board of Elections. Ballots submitted without a request will be rejected.The Steering Committee of the Baltimore City Green Party (BGP SC) makes the following recommendations for the 2023 Maryland Green Party bylaws amendments proposals: Continue reading

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day! The first observance of Earth Day was in 1970, when groups held environmental demonstrations and teach-ins across the country. Since then, a number of new environmental protections have been put in place. Still, in cities like Baltimore, systematic issues go unaddressed. Since the first Earth Day, recycling has increased dramatically. But in Baltimore, recycling pickup was recently cut in half, and there is no indication when weekly pickup of recycling will resume. Even more troubling, there is evidence that much of what gets picked up to be recycled is never actually processed, but just thrown away.  Continue reading

You've Received a Notice from the Board of Elections - What To Do Now

If you registered to vote as a "Green", you may have received or soon will be receiving a notice from the Board of Elections informing you that the Green Party has been de-certified as a political party and your registration is being changed to "Other - Green". We wanted to answer some questions you may have and recommend how to respond.  Continue reading

Baltimore City Green Party Endorses Ballot Petition Modernization Act

The Baltimore City Green Party endorses the Ballot Petition Modernization Act, introduced as HB 1112 in the 2023 Maryland General Assembly session. The bill makes several reforms to the petition process by which Maryland voters place referendums on state ballots, establish new political parties and support independent candidates for public office. The petition process is also used for Baltimore City Charter amendments. Continue reading

Baltimore City Green Party Endorses Transit Equity Bills

The Baltimore City Green Party calls for the Maryland General Assembly to support equity in planning and construction of transit state-wide, and has endorsed the passage of the Transit Equity Act. The Act has been introduced as House Bill 9 and Senate Bill 19 in the 2023 General Assembly session. Continue reading

Baltimore City Green Party Endorses Ashley Esposito for School Board, Contributes to Esposito and Brown Campaigns

October 24, 2022 The Baltimore City Green Party (BGP) has officially endorsed Ashley Esposito for Baltimore City School Board.  Esposito, a member of the BGP Steering Committee currently on leave, is one of four candidates seeking a seat on the School Board in the non-partisan General Election this November. Esposito was the leading candidate in the July primary election.   Continue reading

Baltimore transit Equity Coalition Seeking Canvassers

The Baltimore Transit Equity Coalition (BTEC) - a Baltimore Green Party coalition partner since 2018 - is gathering petition signatures from city voters in support of creating a Regional Transportation Authority and building the Red Line, and currently have almost 11,500 petitions! This is great news.    While 10,000 signatures are required, the Board of Elections has stringent requirements on petitions (and they actually check them all!), so they need as wide a margin as possible to account for any signatures that might get disqualified.    (BTEC) is looking for canvassers during the last push of the petition campaign, in order to reach 13K signatures by August 1!   If you are interested in canvassing - even for a short time - email [email protected] Compensation is available!

Maryland Green Party 2022 Assembly and Bylaws voting

Register for the assembly  Sunday June 12th is the Maryland Green Party Annual Assembly, The Assembly will take place via zoom from 1:00 PM- 5:00 PM. Register here   Bylaws Baltimore City Green Party Steering Committee Member Andy Ellis served as the BGP representative to the Maryland Green Party Bylaws Review and Rules committee this year. Below is his report of the process and the recommendations of the committee.    The voting on bylaws is open to all registered Greens in Maryland. voting ends at Noon on June12th.  Read the details of the amendments and the rationale of the committee. Request your ballot Continue reading