On Resisting the Trump Agenda

Vincent S. Tola, Treasurer, Baltimore Green Party

Several weeks into the Trump presidency, a majority of Americans are reeling from the shock of the new administration and the initial stages of its regressive agenda that will bring harm to many.

We have seen:

  • Cabinet nominees that will undermine and roll back the clock on civil rights, voting rights, environmental protection, women's health and public education.

  • The restart of the racist, imperialistic DAPL pipeline.

  • A silencing of scientific voices within the government.

  • A Supreme Court nominee that will seek to take away a woman's right to make decisions about her own body.

  • The elevation of white nationalism within the top tiers of the federal government.

  • The threat of millions of people losing health insurance, with no alternate plan in place.

  • The stated intention to dismantle regulations of Wall Street, based on the complaints of a few of Trump's “friends.”

  • Open hostility toward an independent press and an independent judiciary.

  • A wreckless attempt to ban immigration from a set of majority-Muslim nations. The continued demonization of immigrants, refugees and Islam.

  • Continued claims on “building a wall” with Mexico.

  • Relations with allies thrown into turmoil.

  • An escalation of hostility toward Iran.

  • A raid resulting in the death of Yemeni civilians (children and women), and an American soldier, labeled as “a success.”


… And let's not forget that the nuclear codes are now being held by an individual with the temperament of a middle school bully.

These are scary and difficult times.

I would claim complete opposition to the Trump administration, but there has been one significant victory for working people. That is, the death of the T.P.P. This trade deal would have dealt yet another blow to U.S. service and manufacturing industries by exporting and outsourcing more jobs overseas, while degrading the environment and protections for consumers and workers. It is a crucial victory that must not be understated. Score exactly ONE point for Trump (and minus NINETY-NINE).

It is also significant that the Trump administration seeks to open up a renegotiation of the NAFTA agreement. This is has potential benefits, but forgive me if I don't hold much hope that this regressive, racist administration will bring about positive results. 

Therefore, in these times, resistance is paramount.

We, in the Green Party, have stood and will continue to stand with those resisting Trump and his dangerous agenda. In these times, we need to speak loudly and forcefully against Trump's immigration ban, his demonization of refugees and of Islam, his desecration of native lands, his denial of climate science, his collusion with Wall Street, his attacks on women and reproductive health, his anti-immigrant agenda, and his likely assaults on the poor and communities of color. We must become more organized in our resistance and louder in our speech. We will work with and stand in solidarity with those who are opposing this horrendous agenda.

And as we do this, we in the Green Party need to articulate a positive agenda. It's not enough to resist Trump, and get back to the Obama days of massive deportations. Obama deported the undocumented at a higher rate than George W. Bush. We need to demilitarize our borders and respect human rights. The Green Party would give legal status to undocumented high school graduates and allow them to attend colleges an universities on an equal basis. We seek permanent border passes between Mexico, the U.S. and Canada. This would reduce exploitation by coyotes and increase the tax base of all three nations. We would seek to renegotiation trade deals in ways that benefit workers, farmers and peasants, reducing the economic push factor of immigration. Regional cooperation is the solution to immigration.

On all the fronts that we oppose Trump, we have better solutions than the Democratic Party's status quo. We have a better vision. We need to articulate it well. Furthermore, we need to continue to build on the local level, and get involved in municipal and state-level policy. There we can have the greatest impact.

So, Green Party, be UNRELENTING in your resistance to the Trump agenda. Join with others who are in this fight. But don't stop there. Articulate the Green Party's vision. Work to implement it locally, but maintain a global perspective. Champion the Green Party's values and solutions. They are the right path for communities throughout the Americas and for the world.