Baltimore Green Party Urges Immediate Steps Towards GREEN Transformation of BCPSS Facilitiies

The well-being and safety of our children is the priority #1. The social and economic future of Baltimore City depends on a high-quality, well-run education system. It is unacceptable that Baltimore City Public School facilities cannot maintain adequate and safe temperatures during the school day. Our children deserve world-class education in high-quality facilities. Continue reading

BGP to Push Tuition-Free Higher Ed, Equity in Annapolis

  Baltimore, MD- The Baltimore City Green Party (BGP) will push a bill for a tuition-free University System of Maryland (USM) and community college (CC) network in the upcoming 2018 Maryland General Assembly (MGA) Session. The bill, the Maryland Higher Education Equity Act (MHEEA), prioritizes access to undergraduate and graduate degrees, which result in higher life-time earning, for groups traditionally marginalized by and in the State, while proposing a tuition-free undergraduate education for all graduates of Maryland high schools. Continue reading

Baltimore City Green Party Puts Forward Vision for Education Equity in Maryland

Baltimore, MD- The Baltimore City Green Party will release a bold vision for achieving equity in higher education. The Maryland Higher Education Equity Act (MHEEA), will be one of the Party’s top objectives in the coming 2018 Maryland General Assembly session. “This will be an important bill that seeks to achieve educational, racial, gender, immigrant, and environmental justice through a set of ten deep reforms of the University System of Maryland and the state’s network of community colleges,” said Joshua Harris, who is exploring a run for the Maryland House of Delegates in the 40th District as a Green. “Let’s build a bright future for our City and our state by centering equity in higher education,” he added. The bill would enable tuition-free undergraduate education at all University System of Maryland (USM) institution and Maryland community college for any graduate of a high school in the state. Additionally, room, board, books, and graduate school tuition would be free for descendants of Maryland’s enslaved and indigenous peoples. “I am looking forward to seeing (Black) community leaders and public figures supporting [Historically Black Colleges and Universities] (HBCUs) in Maryland. The MHEEA bill is not only a chance to do so, but an opportunity to show unwavering support for ALL students enrolled in college across the state,” said Brandon Walker, a Coppin State University Urban Studies student and Ujima People’s Progress Party activist, in a written statement. In addition to tuition-related provisions, MHEEA addresses serious shortcomings in how Maryland’s public colleges and universities interact with African Americans, Indigenous peoples, immigrants, women, the environment, and Historically Black Colleges and Universities within the USM. MHEEA would make Maryland a national leader in sexual violence prevention by mandating a 1 credit class on the topic for all freshman, increasing funding for Title IX enforcement, and creating an independent state-level monitor to ensure schools' proactive compliance with federal and state law. MHEEA would codify Judge Blake’s ruling ending the duplication of successful HBCU programs at Historically White Colleges and Universities within the USM. MHEEA would make all USM and community colleges Immigration and Customs Enforcement non-compliant sanctuary campuses, allowing all students to learn free from the fear of deportation. MHEEA would mandate all USM and community college presidents submit five and ten year plans for reaching specific sustainability goals. The bill would be paid for with a Peace, Equity, and Green tax on military contractors, household incomes over $250,000, and major polluters. These industry and tax bracket groups, which have received numerous federal, state, and municipal tax cuts in recent years, would be asked to pay their fair share to achieve a more highly educated, less indebted, more efficient, innovative, and productive workforce in Maryland, making the state an international destination for startups and businesses. By pursuing equity in higher education, MHEEA aims to build community wealth across the state.

Help Us Put Solar Panels On Baltimore Public Schools

Consider it …. a city-wide public works project to install solar panels on all available rooftop space on BCPSS school buildings.   It will produce much-needed clean energy, reduce electricity expenses for the school system, create “green” jobs in the Baltimore metropolitan area, and increase demand for solar manufacturing. Baltimore could be recognized, worldwide, as a leader in clean energy technology. This will lead to more investment in clean technologies, and will open up exciting possibilities for our youth.   Investments in solar provide schools with a number of benefits. Solar presents teachers with a number of educational opportunities in STEM subjects. How wonderful for our students to be able to learn about clean energy technology, and get direct experience with it. We may be setting them up to become leaders in these emerging industries. In addition, solar provides facilities managers with a long-term hedge against increases in utility rates. District administrators will recognize the ability of solar power to deliver cost-savings to the district.   Baltimore Greens are working with experts to develop this proposal and drive it forward.   It's FEASIBLE and it's SENSIBLE, and it aligns well with our core values and our commitment to racial, economic and environmental justice.   Be a part of it! WE need Green Party members, locally and nationally, to join this initiative. Come to the TABLE with your expertise, your connections to the environmental/clean technology movement, and your passion for positive change. Discussions and planning/strategy meetings are ongoing.   SIGN UP HERE to get notices for our next livestream event, meeting or phone conference.

Release the Claros Brothers / Libere a los Hermanos Claros

(español en continuación)   Attention ICE Baltimore Field Office. I am writing on behalf of two young men, recently detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. - Diego Claros.  A # : 094003513 - Lizandro Claros. A # : 094003512 Continue reading

Baltimore Green Party Affirms Centrality of Trans Justice, Sets Self-Accountability Measures

(español en continuación) The Baltimore City Green Party (BGP) reached full positive consensus at its Monthly General Meeting on July 29, 2017 to issue a statement affirming the centrality of the struggle for Trans Justice in the larger struggle to realize a better Baltimore. While oppression of trans folks has been ongoing in our city, the attack on and resistance of this community is particularly acute now. So, BGP is raising its voice and the voices of its membership: Continue reading

Douglass Homes Residents Denied Basic Rights; Demand Tenant’s Council Election and Repeal of Rules that Create Unbearable Living Conditions

Baltimore, MD – The residents of Douglass Homes were denied their right to a Tenant’s Council election last December. Although residents volunteered to run, the Baltimore City Housing Authority found all of them to not be “in good standing.” When requests were made to see bylaws that defined what it means to be in good standing, none were produced. The Housing Authority proceeded to appoint a Tenant Council president who does not represent the will of the tenants. Continue reading

Protest Action for Public Housing This Friday

The Baltimore City Green Party will be joining residents of Douglass Homes to picket and protest for tenants' rights on Friday July 28th 11:30am-1pm at 1500 E Lexington St. (Facebook event link)   Continue reading

Baltimore Greens Defend Public Housing

  Last week , BGP Co-Chair Rev. Annie Chambers appeared on Real News Network as part of a panel to discuss how the federal and city governments are on the offensive against public housing. Continue reading

Remembering the Great Railroad Strike of 1877

  BGP Member and labor activist Bill Barry appeared on Real News Network to commemorate the 140th anniversary of the Great Railway Strike of 1877, in which over 100,000 workers participated and over 100 were killed. Continue reading