BGP Weekly Newsletter 5/15 - 5/21

Hello everyone, and thanks for reading our Weekly Newsletter. First, there are a few changes to the newsletter itself. Starting this week, the newsletter will be released on Mondays instead of Sundays, and will also be posted on the BGP website and Facebook in addition to the BGP email group. Continue reading

Interview: Environment and Racism with Meagan "DJ Ducky Dynamo" Buster

In this interview we sit down with Meagan "Ducky Dynamo" Buster, and discuss the recent Temperature Rising event which showcased local artists as a means of organizing for the People's Climate March. From there we have a broader conversation about environmental racism, and the limits and possibilities of building a Black-lead climate and environment movement in Baltimore City. Continue reading

Interviewing Baltimore Greens - Andreas "Spilly" Spilliadis

This interview features Andreas "Spilly" Spiliadis, 2016 candidate Green Party candidate for City Council in the 3rd district. This interview focuses on his work as an urban farmer trying to build a local organic food economy. We discuss the importance of seeds, a "Deep Green" philosophy, and the need for a deeply rooted politics.    The "Baltimore City Greens-Interviews" series is a chance for us to introduce you to the people and ideas that make up the Green Party in Baltimore City, MD.

The Truth! Now Online

The Truth, one of Baltimore Green Party's radio shows is now available online! In this week's show, hosts Annie Chambers and Ian Schlakman talk about the 2018 gubernatorial race, Trump's border wall, Fight for $15, and have a conversation with community leader C D Witherspoon. Listen to or watch the show here. An archive of past shows is available here.  Continue reading

Join The Green Party On May Day

On May Day we rally and March! The Baltimore City Green party has endorsed the May Day Rally and March Sponsored by the Women's Fightback Network. We stand in solidarity with the following demands  Defend immigrants & Muslims – Fight racism, sexism, LGBTQ & Trans bigotryBaltimore UNITE to fight for our rights! We demand:---Make Baltimore a real sanctuary city – Not one deportation; shut ICE down! An injury to one, is an injury to all.---Fund education– Close the gap in funding for our schools; no school layoffs!---$15 an hour & union rights for all NOW – include workers under 21 yearsof age!---Jobs program for all!---End police & ICE terror!   Join The Green Party Contingent and March With Us The Green Party contigent will be gathering at Mckeldin Square at 3:00 PM On May 1st Please RSVP here so we can send event updates.   We will march with our banner, hand out seeds, stand in solidarity and recruit people to join us in building alternative forms of political power to stand against trump and the deceitful Democrats who run our city.    Help us Prepare this Saturday This Saturday April 29th at 2:30 PM we ill be meeting at the office to make signs, call people and get them to attend, and organizing carpools and other information for Monday.   

Fully Fund Our Schools

An official statement on education funding by the Baltimore City Green Party. Continue reading

New Zoning Bill Can't Fix Mess Made By Old City Council

Joan Floyd, Paul Robinson, Deborah Tempera - April 5, 2017 The opinions expressed here do not necessarily represent the views and positions of the Baltimore City Green Party, they are entirely the opinion of the author(s)  Editor's note: This article generated substantial controversy due to the lead author's role in opposing development and zoning code changes and her use of various lawsuits to those ends. This information was unknown to the BGP Editorial Team at the time, and would have substantially changed their views on the article and their decision to publish it. As a result of this mistake, BGP has revised its editorial practices to include a vetting of authors' outside work to ensure that there are no similar undisclosed conflicts of interests or activities contrary to Green values promoted in the future. Last December 5th, the outgoing City Council and Mayor approved a replacement for our current Zoning Code and Zoning Map, to go into effect on June 5th of this year. The replacement consisted of a new zoning text, tables, and maps that were known to be riddled with problems but were pushed through at the last minute, by outgoing politicians who refused to leave it to their successors to make important, far-ranging policy decisions about the future of Baltimore.   Continue reading

Green Party wins its first Baltimore City election: A new strategy and a familiar face among community activists

Overcoming a litany of obstacles from the property management, longtime social justice activist and Green Party member Reverend Annie Chambers won an election to the Resident Advisory Board (RAB) of the Baltimore Department of Housing last week. Just days before the anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s assassination, a local civil rights champion was elected to represent the people of Douglass Homes -- named after Frederick Douglass, who has roots in Baltimore -- and serve as the 11th member of the board.  Continue reading

The Baltimore Democrats Have Failed Us Again

Connor Meek is an avid follower of Baltimore City Council and is BGP's resident correspondent on municipal events and hearings.  The opinions expressed here do not necessarily represent the views and positions of the Baltimore City Green Party, they are entirely the opinion of the author(s)  While campaigning for office, Catherine Pugh promised to raise Baltimore’s minimum wage to $15 per hour, stating in an AFT-Maryland survey, “I am aware of the current initiative to raise the minimum wage in the City Council to $15 per hour and when it reaches my desk I will sign it.”  Yet when a watered down bill that was too low and too slow reached her desk she promptly vetoed it.  The City Council needs twelve votes to override the veto, and only ten votes to hold a special session to deliberate.  They have seven. Continue reading

Learning Lessons From Baltimore’s “Fight For $15”

Bill is an active member of the Baltimore City Green Party and a  retired union organizer and retired Director of Labor Studies at The Community College of Baltimore County-Dundalk. The opinions expressed here do not necessarily represent the views and positions of the Baltimore City Green Party, they are entirely the opinion of the author(s)      The refusal of the Baltimore City Mayor, the President of the Baltimore City Council and the  majority of Council members to support the (kinda sorta but not right away) $15.00 minimum wage for workers in Baltimore City  is a clear indication that the more things change, the more they stay the same.     From the outset, the campaign supported by the “new” Democrats in the Council and the “new” mayor was a phony campaign. The legislation passed by the City Council would not have increased the minimum wage to $15 until 2022, with exceptions for workers under the age of 21. As introduced by Councilperson Mary Pat Clarke, the proposed law would have limited the increase in Baltimore City to the increase in the state minimum wage of $10.10/hour in 2018 but then increasing over the next six years. This article has been excerpted. To see more, please read the full article in the Baltimore Sun