Baltimore Greens Defend Public Housing


Last week , BGP Co-Chair Rev. Annie Chambers appeared on Real News Network as part of a panel to discuss how the federal and city governments are on the offensive against public housing.

This past Thursday, the Baltimore City Greens were invited to participate in the first-stage community-organizing meeting for Douglass Homes. Several community leaders spoke at length about the assault on their rights and prosperity that they are feeling under the neglect of the Housing Authority. Daycare services, care for seniors, playgrounds, community meetings, and more are being curtailed by a system that doesn't care about its residents and is allowing entire neighborhoods to physically and socially decay with one simple goal... to get people out of there and take the land for other uses. For a partial but extensive recording of the meeting where you can here the community speak to their struggle in their own voices, check out the video below.


At the end of the meeting, Reverend Annie issued a call to build Power for the People by supporting third parties, particularly the Greens.


The first Action resulting from this meeting will take place on Friday, July 28th 11:30am at 1500 E Lexington St (Facebook event link here)