Green Party Member Registration

In Baltimore, the Green Party is committed to economic, environmental, and racial justice for all city residents. Our goal is to challenge the one-party rule in Baltimore City by giving voters a legitimate alternative choice that represents the values and aspirations of the people and neighborhoods of this great city.

Registering to vote as a Green is a commitment to strengthening the Baltimore community. The Baltimore residents who register Green, the stronger party becomes. Below are 5 reasons why you should consider registering as a Green in Baltimore City: 

Why Register as a Member of the Green Party?

1. Join a Party That Aligns With Your Values

Nobody should feel compelled to be a member of a political party that they feel does not represent them or their interests. The Green Party is clear on where it stands, and is dedicated to remaining a grassroots movement by the people and for the people. We do not take money from corporations, lobbyists, or interest groups so you will never have to wonder if we are willing to set aside our principles to please powerful donors. Our platform is public, shaped by our supporters, and not for sale.

2. Make the Corporate Two-Party System Take Notice

The two major parties that have a stranglehold on American democracy are never going to change as long as they continue to receive votes and support. By leaving the Democratic and Republican parties to join the Greens, you are clearly saying "Enough!". The stronger our movement is in numbers and commitment, the more influence we will have to pull the political conversation in our direction.

3. Show the Media that the Green Party is Growing

Too often the media chooses to ignore smaller parties or label them as a footnote to their beloved race between two political superpowers. But even the media cannot ignore raw numbers, and as they see us grow they will be increasingly obligated to discuss our philosophies, our actions, our policies, and our candidates.

4. Take a Stand for Racial, Economic, and Environmental Justice

The Green Party stands firm on the principle that justice must be sought for the abuses that have been heaped upon people of color, working-class and middle-class citizens, and all the people residing on this planet in the name of preserving the positions and privileges of the powerful. So long as other parties are not willing to do the same, becoming a Green is a way to tell the world that this is what you stand for too.

5. Help Shape and Build the Green Party in Maryland

You don't have to be a registered Green to work with us, share your voice, and help build the movement but registering does give you greater power in the decision-making process. You must be a registered Green to participate in our primary elections where we select candidates for local, statewide, and national offices; and you may need to formally be a Green to hold certain positions within the Party. 

How Do I Register as a Green?

Whether you are registering as a voter for the first time or changing your registration from another affiliation, you can register as a Green by filling out this form

In Step 5 of the form ("Political Party"), select the Green Party.

For questions about the registration process, eligibility, or other issues please consult this guide from the Maryland State Board of Elections