Steering Committee Elections 2022

In 2021 we had a steering committee election, our bylaws require 5 to 7  members. We elected 4, so there are vacancies on the committee.  1-3 additional spots on the steering committee need to be filled. 

These terms will run from now until Fall of 2023.

This is the process we will use to fill these spots:

  • All Nomination can be made by emailing [email protected].
  • The Steering Committee shall put out a call for nominations to fill vacancies on the Steering Committee. They shall set a timeline for closing the nomination window, which must be clearly communicated to the Decision-Making Members of the BGP. June 30th to July 16th
  •  Any registered Green (or person legally ineligible to register but who identifies as Green) may be nominated to fill a vacancy on the Steering Committee. If they have not already done so, they must fulfill the relevant steps of becoming a Decision-Making Member of BGP before the start of Round 1 described below in order to have their name put on the Round 1 ballot
    • July 24th Event to meet candidates
    • July 25th- August 1st Round 1
    • August 1- August 5th Round 2
  • Winning candidates take office on August 5th.


  • Round 1. Once the nomination window is closed, the Steering Committee shall conduct a vote known as Round 1. The Decision-making Members will have the opportunity to vote “Yes” or “No” on each nominee. Nominees must receive 50%+1 “Yes” votes of the Yes/No total in order to be “approved” by the BGP membership and to serve on the Steering Committee. IF, after the Round 1 vote, there are more “approved” nominees than there are slots available on the SC, then proceed to Round 2. Otherwise, the approved nominees become Steering Committee members, and they shall serve out the remainder of the current term. 


  • Round 2. This round is only necessary if there are more “approved” SC nominees than there are slots available on the Steering Committee. Utilizing an STV Scottish Method, the Steering Committee shall conduct a vote on the approved SC nominees. Decision-making Members will rank the approved nominees. The SC shall enter the ballot data into Opavote, which will utilize a STV Scottish Method to tabulate the votes. The results will show the top winners of this vote, and these winners shall fill the remaining vacancies on the Steering Committee.


  • If, after this process, there remain vacancies on the Steering Committee, the vacancies shall remain until one year later, when this process may be repeated.