Baltimore Green Party Chooses Nominees for Mayor, Senate, and City Council

The Baltimore Green Party’s primary election, composed of mail and in-person voting, was completed on Sunday, May 1st. Greens elected nominees for the U. S. Senate, Baltimore Mayor, Baltimore City Council President, and for City Council Districts 3, 6, 9, 10, and 12. Andy Ellis, co-chair of the Baltimore Green Party, said, “Having a contested Primary for Mayor gave Green Voters something they have never really had, a chance to have a choice in a Baltimore primary. We now have a slate of candidates that will give voters a choice in November and we are excited about the possibilities in the upcoming general election."


The nominees are: 

U. S. Senate- Dr. Margaret Flowers

U.S. House 3- Nnabu Eze

U.S House 7- Myles Hoenig

Baltimore Mayor-Joshua Harris

Baltimore City Council President-Connor Meek

Baltimore City Council District 3- Goergos Andreas “Spilly” Spiliadis

Baltimore City Council District 6-Richard White

Baltimore City Council District 9-Jamie Frierson

Baltimore City Council District 10-Amanda Maminski

Baltimore City Council District 12-Ian Schlakman


Joshua Harris ( defeated candidates David Marriott and Emanuel McCray, with 85% of the vote. He will face Democrat Catherine Pugh and Republican Alan Walden in the general election in November. Of his nomination, Harris said, "The party has spoken and chosen the candidate they believe has the best vision and platform as well as the candidate with a real chance to win. I’m excited to bring real solutions forward that can ensure that Baltimore is for all of us."

The Baltimore Green Party is committed to economic, environmental and racial justice for Baltimore and beyond. Our goal is to challenge the one party rule in Baltimore city by giving voters a legitimate choice that represents the values and aspirations of the people and communities of the city.