Work on Audio and Video Content

Video and audio are key channels in creating content that lets voters know our values, people and solutions. Over the coming months we are expanding our video catalog to include a variety of different types of shows and content. All content will be posted on our Web, You Tube and Social Media.

Policy Focused FaceBook Live

This series focuses on Policy Issues that Greens are working on by bringing experts and advocates on to explain the issue, answer questions from viewers, and explain actions that are necessary. For a sampling of our previous videos in this series, click here

Interviews with Greens

These Interviews give members of the Green Party the opportunity to explain what motivates them, why they are a green, and what they are active in.

Radio Shows and Podcasts

The Baltimore City Green Party produces several radio shows and podcasts. We invite you to contribute to any of our shows but in particular we are looking for contributors to our newest program, Power and Politics

The Baltimore City Green Party in collaboration with Crooked Streetz Radio is launching the Power and Politics Radio Show. Power and Politics will be focused on Baltimore and Maryland news and current affairs with a Green Party perspective. We will focus on Green Party people ideas and solutions in a weekly talk radio format. Andy Ellis will host initially.

We are seeking people interested in getting involved, as Co-Hosts,reporters, and producers. Our partners at Crooked Streetz will be handling all of the technical aspects of the show.

Co-Hosts:Co-Hosts help put the weekly show together and are on air conversation leaders. Each week can have up to 3 or 4 co-hosts, and they don’t need to be the same each week.

Producers: Producers help book guests, research for the show, collect related resources for the web, and generally support the hosts and the flow of the show.

Reporters: Reporters speak regularly on a certain theme when they have a story or a need (ie City Hall, Annapolis, Housing, Policing etc).

Initially the show will be weekly, recording Thursday 6:00-8:00 PM.

Each show will be 45 minutes (Three 15 segments) and will be posted on all BGP media platforms.

Contact Andy Ellis if Interested, 240-285-0843, [email protected]


We will provide video of workshops and seminars hosted by the Baltimore City Green Party

On Site Updates, Livestreams, and Event Coverage

Livestreams and interviews from actions such as protests, rallies, and conferences. We encourage you to take your own footage when you go to events and share them with us so that we can put it out to a wider audience.

Roles We Need




Technical people


Contact Us to Get Involved in Radio/Audio/Video Content

If you are interested in participating in any of the above, please contact Andy Ellis at [email protected]

To submit your own video content please contact Hunt Hobbs at [email protected]