Regarding The Trials Of Officers Charged In The Death of Freddie Gray

Authored By: Andy Ellis

As Jury selection begins for William Porter, the first of the officers charged in the death of Freddie Gray, the Baltimore Green Party remains vigilant and committed to a just outcome. The process that is beginning in the courts will have ramifications not just for this case but for the future of policing in our city. As the trial proceeds the debate about policing and crime will heat up in the streets, the mainstream corporate media, and social media.

This will occur against a backdrop of the upcoming Baltimore City elections and every Democrat running will shape a large part of their campaign around what occurs in this and future trials. While the democrats tailor their positions to appeal to a small number of voters and a smaller number of influential donors, the Baltimore Green Party stands in solidarity with the people, communities and small businesses of the city.

We believe this trial is worthy of the attention of everyone in Baltimore, even if it is one instance of a set of larger issues, it occurs at a time when we all know change must come. The Baltimore Green Party will continue to seek coalitions which create a political opposition capable of implementing real community based solutions to the problems underlying this trial.

The power of people and communities have pushed the politicians to demand accountability for policing and we will continue to stand in solidarity with the people through this and the other trials. 

Authors Note: This statement was originally entitled "Regarding Freddie Grey Trials". That title has been changed to more accurately reflect who is on trial and for what. It was not our intention to indicate that Freddie Gray is on trial, but our initial wording did that, and as the author I apologize. Thank you to the thoughtful activists and thinkers in Baltimore who pointed out the problem of the initial wording.