Policy and Platform Working Groups

Baltimore City needs a new agenda and a new vision. For too long we have been working on the same path; the majority of our policy supports development and downtown at the expense of people and communities throughout the city. We will never make change by being reactive or supporting one-off projects and policy initiatives. A more sustainable and a more just Baltimore requires new policy and a new platform.

The Baltimore City Green Party is forming Policy and Platform Working groups that will address many of the most pressing issues facing our city. These groups will take a deep focus on a specific issue and collaboratively work to understand, analyze, and propose new solutions. The goal is to build a 21st century urban policy agenda in line with GPUS platform and to make it specific to Baltimore. The solutions and expertise to build this new vision and agenda exist within our city and our communities, and this platform will be built from the grassroots, working with people most affected and most knowledgeable about the problem and the solutions.

These working groups will be led by Baltimore City Greens and open to all participants who support green values and solutions. Each group will be focused on making specific platform recommendations to the BGP decision making members. The working group will also provide expertise and policy analysis based on the platform statements.

Each group will have a leader who is responsible for recruiting members, organizing meetings, coordinating work, collecting resources, and reporting to the Issues and Action Committee. 

Current Working Groups

We are launching our working group program with a few key policy areas that we believe are central to improving Baltimore. 

  1. Education (May 2017)
  2. Housing (May 2017)
  3. Criminal Justice Reform (June 2017)
  4. Economic Development (June 2017)
  5. Youth Policy (June 2017)

Get Involved With Policy and Platform Working Groups

To join a team all you have to do is attend a meeting, but you can contact us to express your interest, ask questions, and request more detailed updates. Contact Vince Tola [email protected] or Connor Meek [email protected]