Mondawmin Early Voting Site

Request for Co-Sponsorship of Mondawmin-Area Early Voting Site Proposal

Our party is working on an initiative to expand early voting, specifically in the underserved Mondawmin area. We are looking for individuals and organizations to co-sponsor this critical cause to increase voter access. If you or your organization would like to sign on to our letter below, please complete the following form:

Co-Sponsorship Form


Dear _____________,

On behalf of the Baltimore City Green Party (BGP), I am reaching out to you to request ________________ (org name) join us in supporting our initiative to add a Baltimore City Early Voting site in the Mondawmin area. Consistent with our core value of Grassroots Democracy and under the leadership of BGP member Dr. Marvin “Doc” Cheatham (President of the Matthew Henson Community Association), we believe adding an Early Voting site in this area is important for the following reasons.

First, while the current sites are located largely around the perimeter of Baltimore City, none are located within the heart of West Baltimore. Communities in West Baltimore deserve better access to an Early Voting site to exercise their voting rights.

Second, as a hub of transportation lines, a Mondawmin-area site would increase access not only for nearby neighborhoods, but for citizens across Baltimore City. A site located within walking distance of a Metro stop would increase access for Baltimoreans who live, work, or go to school along its northwest-westside-downtown-eastside route. 

Third, a Mondawmin-area site would increase access for young voters in particular, given the concentration of nearby high schools and colleges. Baltimore City Community College, Coppin State University, Frederick Douglass High School, Carver Vocational-Technical High School, and Bard High School Early College are all within walking distance. Let’s empower Baltimore youth at these and other institutions to vote by adding an early voting center near their schools.

By adding your organization’s name to the campaign to add an Early Voting site in the Mondawmin-area, you are not endorsing any political party, but rather affirming the value of grassroots democracy in a tangible and potent way. Will you join us?


Owen Silverman Andrews, BGP Co-Chair


P.S.- Please contact me at [email protected] and cc Dr. Cheatham at [email protected] for further information.