The Baltimore City Green Party holds an open general meeting once a month to conduct party business and give members and participants an overview of the party's ongoing work. Each month we also hold several committee meetings and numerous work sessions that focus on more specialized tasks such as voter outreach, planning actions, and organizing policy work. All of our meeting are open to the public and are a great way for new participants to meet us, see what's going on, and find theit own ways to contribute to the movement. 

For information, schedules, and agendas for our meetings and workshops, follow our Facebook page or consult our online calendar


The Baltimore City Green Party hosts workshops and seminars on policy issues, skills for campaigners and activists, and other issues. For example, this May we are hosting a series of webinars on Public Banking to educate voters on one of our major policy planks, how it works, and why we think it is an appropriate solution for Baltimore. 

To suggest or host your own workshops contact Vince Tola at [email protected] . Identify the topic and potential presenters and we will work together to organize a date for the workshop, and how it will be structured. We will identify the target audience and use the Green Party's communication channels to promote the event.