Learning Lessons From Baltimore’s “Fight For $15”

Bill is an active member of the Baltimore City Green Party and a  retired union organizer and retired Director of Labor Studies at The Community College of Baltimore County-Dundalk.

The opinions expressed here do not necessarily represent the views and positions of the Baltimore City Green Party, they are entirely the opinion of the author(s) 




The refusal of the Baltimore City Mayor, the President of the Baltimore City Council and the  majority of Council members to support the (kinda sorta but not right away) $15.00 minimum wage for workers in Baltimore City  is a clear indication that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

    From the outset, the campaign supported by the “new” Democrats in the Council and the “new” mayor was a phony campaign. The legislation passed by the City Council would not have increased the minimum wage to $15 until 2022, with exceptions for workers under the age of 21. As introduced by Councilperson Mary Pat Clarke, the proposed law would have limited the increase in Baltimore City to the increase in the state minimum wage of $10.10/hour in 2018 but then increasing over the next six years.

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