Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka Rally and Party

The Baltimore Green Party and The Maryland Green Party are hosting a rally and Party. As Speakers and Acts are booked we will update here and on the Facebook event page  


Sign up now to let us know you are coming for sure. Space  is limited. 


Kat Kannons Michelle Antoinette Nelson Lisa French Gracie Greenberg Dana Polson Alanah Nichole Besan Khamis Sondisa Obie Linda Sue Childress Brigette Kimberly Asante Campbell Charlie Macel Keisha Harvin Connor Meek Ebony Whitfield Hannah Jeremiah Nic Jusme Chang Jake Simms Walter N Karlins Ashley Adewummi Lakayla Yates Pat McNair Marya DeLuna Julie Lewis Rashid Belike Janelle Shanise James Ashe Andrea Smith Diana Castillo Jim Fite Vincent Tola Taylor Corley Brent Conover Zack Fowler Aimee Pohl Jack Ryan Sammy Alqasem Annukka Antar Diesha Cole Zachary Fowler Sandy Abernathy Terren Leyden Gregory L. Golinski Vii Lee Vincent J Chiariello Sammi Teel Spockylee Baleria Juliette Moore Darryl Carr

Will you come?