Help the Baltimore Green Party Grow in 2016

The Need

The Baltimore Green Party is growing fast and needs your support! 2016 provides us with tremendous challenges but also tremendous opportunity.  People are ready for a new option and new solutions, and the Baltimore Green Party is well poised to build on that energy. We are focused on three main objectives for 2016:

  • The 2016 Election: Elections Matter- In the current election year, Baltimore City voters will participate in a general election in which Green Party candidates are listed all the way down the ballot.  In a city where it is often said “The (Democratic) primary is the election,” we seek to transform that reality in races across the city. We will contest the dynasty that Democrats have in Baltimore with candidates who show voters that there is an alternative and that the general election matters. The Party will be supporting an election that includes the following offices: (*=pending)

o   President of The United States

o   United States Senator

o   United States House of Representatives

§  MD 3

§  MD 7

o   Baltimore City Mayor

o   President of the Baltimore City Council

o   City Council District

§  3

§  4*

§  6

§  7*

§  9*

§  10

§  12


  • Issue Based Organizing:  Elections matter, but so does organized pressure on elected officials. We want to build on a strong network and train a new generation of community organizers in order to create the kind of power that puts people over profit. Green Party values serve as an essential moral compass when addressing the many problems Baltimore faces. We want to organize for a better future around those values and build the political power to back them up.
  • Voter engagement: We need to foster a culture change in the way that Baltimore city residents are included in government. We want to create social, cultural, and educational events that invite all city residents to engage in the discussion about the future. We recognize that we are fighting against a powerful set of forces that have created a two(one?) party system. We believe that when we have the opportunity to explain Green values and Green solutions to Baltimore voters, many will join us in the fight for them.


The Ask

The Baltimore Green Party and our candidates only take donations from individuals, not from PAC’s or corporations. We need individuals like you to support us. We accept donations in two ways: recurring and one-time. The recurring donations sustain us and the one-time donations help us achieve specific goals quickly. Our main priority at this point is recurring sustainer donations of $10 per month.  Funds go toward:

  • The Baltimore Green Party Headquarters- In order to build the kind of movement that can bring about real change in Baltimore, we need an office where we can hold meetings, welcome voters, work together, phone bank, train volunteers, and more. We have located a space that will allow all us to do all of this, but we need support in sustaining it.
  • Campaign and Election Materials- Visibility matters! We need signs, buttons, T-Shirts, pamphlets and stickers. Citizens in Baltimore need to know that the Green Party is not only an option but an agent of change. We will source our material needs locally and in accordance with party values and sustainer support helps us do it right.  
  • Member Outreach- There are about 1100 registered Green voters in Baltimore City and we want to be able to reach out to each of them and let them know about the work the local party is doing. We will need at least one mailing in order to do this!
  • Social, Cultural, and Educational Events- Movements are not built just around the best candidates and the best issues; they also require a social element. When people spend time together doing things they like, the movement becomes stronger. We want to be able to bring in speakers, host meetups and happy hours, book spaces for art and cultural events, and more. Sustainers help us to be able to develop and expand this program.
  • Fundraisers- Throughout the election season and beyond we will need to do additional fundraising events and campaigns. On a shoestring budget these are hard to plan and develop effectively. Recurring payments from sustainers give us the ability to cover any costs that may be associated with fundraising. 


 Become  A Baltimore Green Party Sustainer   With A Monthly Recurring Donation of $10 or More 


Give a one time donation to the Baltimore Green Party 


The Offer

Monthly sustainers will receive:

  • Invitation to tour our new office and discuss the Baltimore Green Party
  • Invitation to a sustainers event at our new office
  • Thank you email and call
  • First notice about all Baltimore Green Party Events
  • Recognition in our office and on our website


One time donors will receive:

  • Thank you email and call
  • Invitation  to tour our new office and discuss the Baltimore Green Party
  • Recognition on our website


 Become  A Baltimore Green Party Sustainer   With A Monthly Recurring Donation of $10 or More 


Give a one time donation to the Baltimore Green Party 


Authority, Baltimore Green Party, Vincent Tola, Treasurer