Congrats Team Franca, The Work Continues!

The struggle continues! ¡La lucha sigue! #ForThePeople #Porlagente Much love, deep respect, and unconditional solidarity with everyone who gave their all in this historic fight, which yielded so many victories short of winning.

The momentum the Franca Muller Paz - For the People Green campaign generated compliments, propels and reinvigorates Baltimore’s many social movements for racial, economic, gender, environmental, immigrant, queer, and social justice.

Not least of these is a grassroots movement for truer democracy in Baltimore. With Franca Muller Paz’s historic run— garnering a higher percentage in a partisan race than any non-Democrat in Baltimore in generations— the Baltimore City Green Party cements our place as our City’s 2nd party.

One party rule in Baltimore City Hall and de facto one party rule of the Maryland General Assembly for nearly a century has not only coincided with Baltimore’s decline, it is as responsible for it as any other factor. We need and will have a two-party system in Baltimore this decade.

The Baltimore City Green Party will be hosting several virtual  opportunities for our members to unwind and debrief this weekend, then next Sunday will hold our November membership meeting. We are already working on next steps to build on the momentum of this election and encourage every Baltimore resident who believes in justice to join us. 

Our work remains the same— just as the odds remain as long as the stakes are high— but Franca, her team, and her revolutionary campaign have given us hope that a better Baltimore is not only possible, she is well on her way! Solidarity forever! #ForThePeople #Porlagente