Call for Candidates 2020

The Baltimore City Green Party encourages anyone considering seeking the Green Party's nomination for City elections in 2020 (including Mayor and City Council) to begin organizing their campaigns TODAY. Here are the facts regarding the Green Party's 2020 plans for Baltimore elections:


-The Green Party WILL be ballot-qualified for the 2020 elections.


-The Green Party's nominations will depend on YOU! The Green Party wants to nominate its strongest candidates in 2020. You can start proving your strength as a candidate by organizing your campaign NOW.


-You are allowed to establish a campaign finance entity and bank account NOW. As soon as you fulfill the requirements set out by the State Board of Elections, you can begin raising money and holding campaign events. DON'T WAIT! The Green Party encourages candidates to start organizing today.


-Once you fulfill the legal requirements and publicly declare your campaign, you can refer to yourself as a "Candidate seeking the Green Party's nomination".


- You are allowed to raise money, hold campaign events, and advertise yourself as a candidate before filing begins. There is no reason to wait!


-The Green Party DOES NOT accept contributions from corporations or political action committees. You should plan to raise money from individual donors only.


-The Green Party may clarify or establish other requirements for candidates seeking the Green Party's nomination. These guidelines will be available later in 2019. You DO NOT need to wait for these guidelines to be completed to begin campaigning. You will not be disqualified for not following guidelines that haven't been made public yet.


-The Green Party holds regular public meetings and maintains active social media accounts. More information about the Green Party's guidelines and nomination policies will be discussed there. You DO NOT need a legal team to understand and comply with our guidelines.


-Green Party representatives are available to answer your questions throughout the process. We want to nominate great candidates in 2020. We need YOU to build those strong campaigns so you can win our nomination and give Baltimoreans more and better choices on their ballots. START TODAY!


-You can start right now! DON'T delay!  

Contact us at [email protected] to learn more.