Become A 2020 Green Candidate

The Baltimore City Green Party encourages anyone considering seeking our party's nomination for City elections in 2020, including Mayor and City Council, to begin organizing their campaigns today.

Due to physical distancing necessitated by COVID-19, we have updated our process to determine which candidates seeking our nomination will appear in our July Green Primary (conducted via email 7/8-18). Candidates seeking to participate in the Green Primary must file with the State Board of Elections before the state-imposed deadline of Monday July 6th at 5pm. Candidates must complete a questionnaire regarding alignment with the Green Party's 10 Key Values available upon request to

Prospective candidates are strongly encouraged to attend our BGP Membership Meeting on June 20th to advocate to decision-making members of the BGP for their nomination. A vote to nominate candidates by BGP decision-making members, regardless of district, will occur at the subsequent BGP Membership Meeting on July 7th.

Please note that this is the process for being nominated to participate in the 7/8-18 Green Primary, which is conducted using ranked choice voting ("None of the Above" will be an option).


Important Information